Asia Pacific Superyachts Expanding Network

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Photo courtesy Fiji Tourism Agency
Photo courtesy Fiji Tourism Agency

Leading service provider Asia Pacific Superyachts is once again welcoming visitors to their exhibit at the North American Boat Services/ APS #K45 Stand at the Singapore Yacht Show April 23-26, 2015.

APS experts are delighted to share information of new APS expansion and new safe and fantastic cruising grounds as the APS Network expands into the Pacific from Asia.

New locations to under the APS umbrella include: APS New Zealand, APS Tahiti, APS Fiji and APS Philippines.

APS Regions agents throughout Asia and the Pacific now cover 17 regions in 15 countries: Andaman Islands & India; Borneo; Cambodia, Fiji, Hong Kong; Indonesia; Koh Samui, Thailand; Langkawi, Malaysia; Maldives; Myanmar; New Zealand; Philippines; Phuket, Thailand; Seychelles; Singapore; Sri Lanka and Tahiti.

APS agency experts at the event are showing videos and sharing inside information of Asia – Pacific’s cruising and destination planning, of the many safe and fantastic cruising grounds in these stunning locations.

Asia Pacific Superyachts Fiji is the newest member of the leading Superyacht agency in the Asia – Pacific region and the ‘Missing Link’ in the APS network.

Superyachts can now transit from Panama and be covered by the APS network from Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and onwards throughout the complete Asia – Pacific Region.

“The missing link between Asia and the Pacific has now been filled with the establishment of Asia Pacific Superyachts Fiji. Fiji is a must see destination in the South Pacific with a dedicated Superyacht Marina at Port Denarau”, comments David Jamieson of APS Fiji (formerly Yacht Help Fiji).

“Last year we had 56 superyacht visits to Fiji with nearly all our Superyachts coming through Panama into the Pacific. A good percentage continued west to Asia. I believe that in the future we will see an increase in Superyachts traversing between our two regions of Asia and the Pacific. APS now bridges these regions with members in all the key destinations.”

Asia Pacific Superyacht Singapore’s Scott Walker coordinated the APS Stand at the Singapore Yacht Show, and notes, “As a member of AYSS and as a founding member of the Superyacht Singapore Association (SSA), my motivation and that of Asia Pacific Superyachts collectively, is to strongly support the Superyacht industry in Asia.”

“From my vantage point in Singapore and that of my APS colleagues, many clients aren’t familiar with the area and have very specific needs and desires which are much different from what goes on here in Asia and the Pacific region. We want to share this input and information with our APS Stand visitors.”