Superyacht arrives in Sri Lanka during Covid-19

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M/Y Cloudbreak entering Galle, Sri Lanka
M/Y Cloudbreak entering Galle, Sri Lanka

As the global Coronavirus pandemic continued to influence and abruptly change many superyachts cruising plans, the captain of the 75.28m expedition yacht M.Y. Cloudbreak journeyed on to Galle, Sri Lanka for a short stay.

It had became necessary to abruptly change the voyage’s schedule when in Phuket, Thailand due to Covid-19 and while on the island for several weeks, they were able to enjoy some great cruising and support from Gordon Fernandes and the Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) team.

Departing Thailand the cruising M.Y. Cloudbreak arrived in Galle for a 48 hour stopover for fuel and provisions. She arrived on the 24th of May and departed the 26th of May in the Port of Galle, Sri Lanka.

After arriving in Sri Lanka amidst COVID 19 restrictions the crew were not enjoy their land stay as the health authorities could only grant permission for the boat to enter the port to only receive supplies. Thus the crew were not able to go ashore and, meanwhile, other challenges popped up.

Priyantha Perera, heading up Asia Pacific Superyachts said, “We did face few challenges during her short stay. A repair team from the Caterpillar agents were not able to board the boat to carry out repairs due to being informed by the health authorities that if any of their staff was to board the boat, they would have to undergo 14 days quarantine at a quarantine centre set up by the government”.

“However, we managed to deliver the required spares o board and the Caterpillar Agents provided remote assistance to the Chief Engineer to carry out the repairs. So, all was good. We also faced an issue during delivery of provisions due to the Government declaring curfew at short notice. Thus shops were closed resulting in the delivery been delayed by one day.”

“However, the Captain and the Purser were very cooperative and understood the situation. They agreed to accept the provisions one day late and there were pleased about the provisions we supplied. We were pleased Captain Jerry and his crew were happy and that we were able to overcome all obstacles, sending the good vessel well on its way with fresh provisions and fuel.”

Upon departing Galle Captain Jerry of M/Y Cloudbreak wrote: “Hello Priyantha, Trust you are well and thank you again for your assistance, it was great to visit Sri Lanka at last, albeit briefly and weirdly the second time. Hopefully, we’ll do it again”.