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Cambodia, officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia and once known as the Khmer Empire, is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

Cambodia banteay-srei-entrance

Seafaring merchants following the coast from India to China brought them to the port cities along the Gulf of Thailand, which were then controlled by the state of Funan in Cambodia. At varying times Cambodian culture also absorbed Javanese, Chinese, and Thai influences. The culture of Cambodia has had a rich and varied history dating back many centuries and has been heavily influenced by India. In turn, Cambodia greatly influenced Thailand, Laos and vice versa.

Throughout Cambodia’s long history, a major source of inspiration was from religion, which brings us to Angkor Wat – a reason onto itself to visit Cambodia. Angkor Wat, listed in ‘World Wonder List’ for its grandeur, history, beauty and state of preservation, is the largest monument of the Angkor group and also the best preserved, an architectural masterpiece and one of the finest monuments in the world.

Cruising Cambodia in your yacht is an amazing experience – along with much in the way of adventure and leisure activities, wildlife and nature excursions and cultural experiences; all of which can be arranged by your yachting agent.


The main port city of Cambodia, Sihanoukville is the ideal destination for white sand beaches and tropical islands. Home to Cambodia’s principal deep-water maritime port, it’s a perfect base for exploring the lush islands nestled in the blue-green waters just off the coast. The laid-back, bucolic atmosphere of this diminutive village is perfect.

Koh Dek Koule Island

Koh Dek Koule Island is an exquisite jewel resting in the tranquil waters of Siam Bay, rich in Khmer culture and cuisine offered in a setting of tropical opulence. Plush and luxurious, this island gives itself up wholly to indulgence and the little extravagances that make time in the tropics so precious. Thick with jungle and teeming with marine life, this is a destination well-suited for outdoor enthusiasts and pleasure-seekers alike.

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3Cambodia is one of the world’s newest cruising grounds, and although it requires a little effort to access the result is access to a truly amazing experience.

Decades of turmoil have delayed the counties development but this is now changing and the Cambodian people are starting to create a modern society with a solid infrastructure.

This lack of development means that their coastal Islands have remained virtually un-touched; resulting in some of the region’s most pristine cruising.

The following itinerary offers a trip of exploration to the tranquil areas of Cambodia or to Cambodia’s world famous Angkor Wat.

Day 1


OPTION 1 Sihanoukville
OPTION 2 Navy Base

Sihanoukville, also known as Kompong Som is a coastal city in Cambodia and the capital city of this province, located at the tip of an elevated peninsula in the country’s south-west at the Gulf of Thailand.

Entering into Cambodian waters the pristine Islands at the entrance to Chak Kampong Saom is a real thrill, central of which are Kaoh and Kaoh Rung Samlem

2Day 2
A short cruise south takes you to the amazing 5KM sandy white beach on the south west coast. The water surrounding this gem of an Island is crystal clear, providing the perfect opportunity for diving and snorkeling. The beach has only a few local buildings on its western extremity, providing aces of space for exploring.

Should the weather turn on you, the island also offers several excellent anchorages on the eastern shore. Ashore you will find a few local villages to explore, as well as a couple of small chalet style resorts.

Day 3
To the south Kaoh Rung Samlem offers more idyllic anchorages, crystal clear waters and virgin forests to explore.

Further offshore you will find the Island of Kas Tang. Surrounded by protected bays and pristine beaches, the Island also offers many snorkeling and diving opportunities.

4Day 4-7
A helicopter pick up from the beach followed by short flight will take you to the historic Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, in Siam Reap.

Angkor Wat is one of the most famous sites in South East Asia and covers an area of over 400 Sq KM. The Park offers 5 Star accommodations for those wanting to spend a couple of days to really explore the many temples that make up Angkor Wat.

For guests not visiting Angkor Wat departure is arranged through the coastal town of Sihanoukville, just a short cruise from the Islands.

A large Navy Dock can be used for short periods of time – providing secure berthing with direct access to the town.

Customs and Immigration are quickly dealt with and a short drive takes you to the local airport, which is large enough for most private jets to use.

Cambodia is best cruised between November and March, when the predominant north east Monsoon winds provide calm cruising, and clear skies.

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