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Welcome to Philippines

This is a friendly country made up of 7,110 islands.

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The The Philippines is an archipelago bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the East, the Bashi Channel to the North, the Sulu and the Celebes Seas to the South.

The Philippines experiences two “seasons”:

  • The North East monsoon, from November to April
  • The South West monsoon, from May to October

The Philippine islands can be divided among three main groups and those islands/ports of particular interest to visiting super-yachts.

Each of these three areas is serviced by corresponding entry ports.

Philippines Luzon

  • Luzon – the northernmost island group, center of government, history and economy and home to the capital.
    Port of entry: Subic Bay or Port of Manila
  • Visayas – the central island group, heart of the country’s antiquity, nature and biodiversity.
    Port of Entry: Cebu
  • Palawan island group, which showcases the Philippines’ indigenous and rich cultures excellent diving and stunning limestone rock formations and lagoons
    Port of Entry: Puerto Princessa

Philippines Visaya Kalibo Ati-AtihanPhilippines culturemanila-yatch-club2

Our Central office is in Makati City Manila.

We have a local staff of four that are highly mobile in order to travel to the respective Ports of Entry / Exit for all levels of clearances and services.

Any provisions we provide come from Manila as well.  We have excellent affiliates with all five star produce and food suppliers.

Our Philippines service model is closely follows the Indonesian model. That is; intimate cruising ground knowledge and guest activity presentation with a resultant high level of logistic and manpower resources to support any yacht or Captain looking to provide memorable guest programs.

Our team leaders can construct comprehensive cruising plans taking in all of the unique features the Philippines offers.

To support this we have an excellent network of local guides.

We also have access to air plane and other logistic services not usually available to the general population.

A later phase in our development will be facility management and charter operations.

As your Asia Pacific Superyachts’ agent in Philippines we will be able to provide everything to make your Philippines cruise a spectacular and seamless experience for both guests and crew.

No demand is too difficult for us. We can arrange everything from world-class golf, to private helicopter charters, to float plane guest drops to game fishing; all from under the same central roof covering the whole exquisite country.

Country Fast Facts

  • Capital: City of Manila
  • Land Area: 300,780 square kilometers
  • Population: 96 Million
  • Average temperature: 78 degrees F/25 degrees C.
  • Average humidity: 77%
  • Currency: Philippine Peso (php)
  • Religion: Predominantly Catholic Also Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist.

Visiting Yachts

Please contact us for information on past visiting yachts.




Our Services To The Captains

  • Cruise planning in our region
  • Clearance in our region
  • Visa and bond arrangements
  • Dockage and pilot arrangements
  • Helicopter authorization
  • Charter license
  • GSM cards and SAT TV decoder rentals
  • Charts
  • Parcel or express mail clearance and export
  • Shipyard coordination
  • Accounting and banking facilities
  • Charter APA and tax management

Our Services To The Engineers

  • Duty free fuel
  • Jet fuel and gasoline
  • Lube oil supply and used oil / Sludge removal
  • Engine parts and supplies
  • Repairs and maintenance jobs
  • Metal fabrication

Our Services To The Deck Officers

  • Deck parts and supplies with discounts
  • Day workers
  • Repairs and maintenance jobs
  • Security and ISPS arrangements
  • Warehousing

Our Services To The Galley

  • Fresh provisions
  • Beverages and wine supplies
  • Galley parts and supplies
  • Wine tasting

Our Services To The Interior Department

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Flower arrangements
  • Interior cleaning supplies
  • Appliance repairs and maintenance
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Beauty & grooming products

Our Services To The Owners And Charter Guests

  • Car rental at preferred rates
  • Airport meet& greet and transport
  • Charter planes and helicopters
  • Concierge services
  • Cruise planning and itineraries
  • Dive guides
  • Guided tours and excursions
  • Hotel bookings at preferred rates
  • Massage, spa and beauty care
  • Traditional dance shows in various islands
  • Yacht and fishing boat charter

Our Services To The Crew

  • Banking assistance
  • Medical care
  • Preferred rates on many hotels
  • Car hire and tours
  • Travel arrangements


Please contact us for owner and captain comments and testimonials.


Trip Plan EL NIDO Cruising

Day 1:

  • Guests arrive El Nido air strip.
  • Hotel transport to water front as per 2 options on attached map 1.
  • Guest tender to boat.
  • Boat steams 8 – 10 miles to Dilumacad Island
  • Stays over night and all day.

Day 2 :

Activities options :

  • Explore Dive sites: Pangulnsion Is, Bajora
  • Snake Island & Lagen island jet ski exploration
  • Vigen Village walk
  • White Beach explore
  • Stay over night

Day 3 :

  • Early morning swim and walk.
  • Move boat to vicinity Taputan Island or
    [not easy to find anchorage will need to check]
  • Spend day exploring Sercet lagoon, small lagoon and big lagoon.
  • Beautiful beach on South of Minloc Island
  • Dives sites :
    • Nth Rock
    • Pacanaya Rock
  • Stay over night & next day

Day 4 :

Explore & Binangculan Bay [Nth Tapiutan island]
Jet ski explore to
More dives:
Binangculan Rock formation [watch currents]
Sth Inambuyod Is
Stay over night

Day 5 :

Either go south to Malampaya Sound PREFERENCE 1 or north to region Lalutaya Is / Cabuli Is / Darocotan Is.

Option 1: Malampaya Sound

  • One of the untouched wonders of Palawan.
  • One of the few homes of the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin.
  • Jet ski exploration the whole protected water way.
  • Dive sites will need to be exploration.
  • Snorkeling Hiking and .
  • It is rich in wildlife, the area is also a good place to spot exotic birds.
  • Stay here all day and next day.

Option 2.

  • Region Lalutaya Is / Cabuli Is / Darocotan Is.
  • Nacpan Beach Walk , explore & enjoy
  • Nagkalit Kalit Water fall good jungle hike
  • Jet ski explore to Verde Safari beach
  • Snorkeling Calitan Island
  • Dive sites in this area scarce.

Day 6 :

  • Same place as option decided.
  • If on Option 2 maybe cruise to Linapacan Island. All self exploration here.

Day 7 :

  • Early re location to close El Nido airport.
  • Guests off the boat , transport ready to ferry to air port
  • Guests fly out to PP.

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