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Welcome to Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the largest and most developed island in Thailand. Conveniently located in the Andaman Sea this tropical paradise has fast become a major tourist destination and the Superyacht Hub for Asia. Crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches have been attracting visitors to Phuket for over 40 years. Just a short cruise away are the outer islands which offer peace and tranquillity which is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Phuket.

The development of the International Airport (which can cater for any private jet and most commercial aircraft sizes including 747’s), high-end villas, beach clubs and hotel facilities has meant that Phuket is now a playground for the rich and famous.

Scuba diving is another major attraction for visiting superyachts to Phuket and Whale Sharks are regularly spotted in the high season when there is plenty of plankton for them to feed on. The area is home to two types of island, granite islands are low level and tend to be forested e.g. the Similan Islands and then there are the limestone islands these islands tend to rise vertically from the sea and produce dramatic scenery e.g. Phi Phi, these islands sometimes have holes in the middle these are called hongs (room in Thai) and tourists tend to swim/kayak into the middle of these stunning islands.

Asia Pacific Superyachts currently has 3 offices on this paradise tropical island these are strategically located so that clients are offered a bespoke tailor-made service which can be offered 24 hours day 7 days a week. The Phuket office has 12 full-time staff and combined superyacht service experience of over 80 years, staff are used to dealing with high-end client requests and the office is headed by the hands-on Thai owner Jojo who has well-established connections with the Phuket customs, harbor and immigration authorities, there is a saying if Jojo can’t do it then nobody can.

In Phuket, you can find marinas which have 24-hour deep water access and can accommodate superyachts of up to 150M’s in length. Yachts are now basing themselves in Phuket for the season and then cruising to the Andaman Islands in India, the stunning uninhabited islands of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar (Burma) and of course to the outer (quiet) islands near to Phuket.

For yachts needing to carry out maintenance work, there is a haul out facility for ships up to 800GRT. Competent locally based tradespeople offer engineering, painting, stainless and teak work. Their prices are very competitive and work can be carried out to international standards within reasonable timeframes.

More information on Thailand:

  • Weather – tropical warm all year round, high season is from November to the end of April – DO NOT have Cyclone season
  • Currency – Thai Baht
  • Religion – mainly Buddhist also Muslim
  • Drive on the left

Why use Asia Pacific Superyachts – Phuket

  1. Fantastic relationship with customs, immigration and the harbour department
  2. Combined experience of over 80years in the superyacht industry
  3. Local knowledge for sourcing goods at competitive prices
  4. Thai and English speakers – making life easy
  5. Network of like-minded agents in the region – Superior service is the key to happy clients
  6. Preferential assistance from the best sub-contractors on the island

Visiting Yachts

Recent yachts serviced by Asia Pacific Superyachts Phuket

  • M/Y Talisman Maiton
  • M/Y April
  • M/Y B2
  • M/Y Charlie
  • M/Y Ecstasea
  • M/Y Formosa
  • M/Y Lady Christine
  • M/Y Newcastle Explorer
  • M/Y Ocean Victory
  • M/Y Party Girl
  • M/Y Perfect Persuasion
  • M/Y Queen Miri
  • M/Y Samax
  • M/Y Sunrays
  • M/Y Tango
  • M/Y Triple 7
  • M/Y Ulysses now M/Y Andromeda
  • M/Y White Rabbit
  • S/Y Bella Regazza
  • S/Y Cavallo
  • S/Y Hemisphere
  • S/Y In the Wind
  • S/Y Runaway Bunny

Other yachts serviced by APS Phuket

  • M/Y A
  • M/Y Andiamo
  • M/Y Anna
  • M/Y Annaeva
  • M/Y April
  • M/Y Aquamarina
  • M/Y Archimedies
  • M/Y Callisto
  • M/Y Camata
  • M/Y Cloud 9
  • M/Y Coy Koi
  • M/Y Elandess
  • M/Y Family Day
  • M/Y Flying Tiger
  • M/Y Helios 2
  • M/Y Indigo
  • M/Y Kalizma
  • M/Y Karima
  • M/Y Lady Christine
  • M/Y Le Grand Blue
  • M/Y Maverick
  • M/Y Mayan Queen
  • M/Y Newcastle Explorer
  • M/Y Noble House
  • M/Y Ocean Victory
  • M/Y Party Girl
  • M/Y Pelorus
  • M/Y Queen Miri
  • M/Y Samax
  • M/Y Senses
  • M/Y Sierra Romeo
  • M/Y Silver
  • M/Y Silver Fast
  • M/Y Sunchaser
  • M/Y Sunrays
  • M/Y Taipan III
  • M/Y Talisman C
  • M/Y Tango
  • M/Y Tanvas
  • M/Y Triple 888
  • M/Y Ulysses
  • M/Y Vive La Vie
  • M/Y Were Dreams
  • M/Y YTL Princess
  • S/Y Adele
  • S/Y Bella Regazza
  • S/Y Bristolian
  • S/Y EOS
  • S/Y Galaxia
  • S/Y Hemisphere
  • S/Y Miss Salona II
  • S/Y Montigne
  • S/Y Perseus
  • S/Y Queen of Andaman
  • S/Y Red Dragon
  • S/Y Serenity C
  • S/Y Shenandoah
  • S/Y Silolona
  • S/Y Squall
  • S/Y Thalia
  • S/Y Titania
  • S/Y Vent Dest
  • S/Y Vertigo
  • S/Y Vivid
  • S/Y Yanneke Too
  • S/Y Zappler




List of services (other requests are welcomed and can usually be handled)


  • Airline ticketing/ Domestic and International
  • Banking US$’s and Euro accounts
  • Bunkering and lube oil supply
  • Certified testing of life rafts and other safety equipment
  • Clearances into Myanmar (Burma)
  • Computer maintenance and software updates
  • Crew placement/ temporary crew
  • Crew uniforms
  • Customs, immigration and harbour formalities
  • Dancing Girls and Bands
  • Engineers and sub-contractors
  • Fully insured vehicle hire
  • Freight Forwarding and inbound customs clearances
  • Guest transport from Mercedes to minibuses
  • Helicopter permits and ground handling
  • Legal Assistance
  • Parts sourcing – local and international
  • Postal address
  • Private Beach BBQ’s
  • Private charter flights
  • Provisioning – International and local
  • Refit’s and repairs
  • Thai Translation Service
  • Visa service for neighboring countries


M/Y Talisman Maiton

Thank you all so much for your help and assistance during our time in Phuket. You are all amazing, so helpful and attentive, nothing is ever a problem or too difficult to organise. It was a pleasure working with you all. From even before we arrived you were making sure things were sorted out and even with the difficulties of COVID you made everything run smoothly. When TM comes back to Thailand I really look forward to working with you again.

Captain Robert Smith

M/Y Lionheart

We used Gordon and Jojo to look after Lionheart during our visit to Thailand in early 2019. Without a doubt, the APS team are one of the most conscientious and hardworking yacht agents I’ve come across – they are quick, efficient and simply manage to get the job done and done well.

Captain Thomas Jones

M/Y Sunrays

Gordon and his team provided excellent and organised service. We relied upon them for everything from assistance with provisioning and customs and immigration clearances, to general concierge work including booking a photographer. Their local knowledge and contacts smoothed the way for successful and enjoyable trips. Gordon was always on hand to assist in any way he could.

Captain Daniel Hughes

M/Y Archimedes

When we headed for Thailand and Myanmar, we used Gordon Fernandes of Asia Pacific Superyachts.
We found Gordon to be equally as competent. His task was made immeasurably difficult because we had whimsical guests aboard virtually all the time. Gordon continuously managed to accomplish the impossible for us, not just in guest services but in the myriad needs always required in operations of this scale. Dockage, clearances, fuel, provisions, transportation, tours, guides, permits, aviation support, etc, were handled with efficiency and apparent ease. Gordon proved to be indispensable over and over again, particularly with our ever changing Myanmar cruise.

Captain Chris Walsh

S/Y Juliet

We had the pleasure of working with Asia Pacific Superyachts while based in Phuket and highly recommend to anyone going to Thailand to get in touch with Gordon and his team. Simply put, their assistance greatly helped and enhanced every aspect of our time in Thailand – from paperwork and service work to the whims of the guests and needs of the crew. Too many examples come to mind to list, so suffice it to say that no matter how small or big the task APS is well equipped to help clear up all of your headaches as well as help prevent many more. What’s more, is that this incredible service is brought to you by a group of incredibly pleasant people that are a delight to work with. Likewise, if you are coming/going to/from Thailand via Malaysia and Singapore I can highly recommend using APS in those locations as well.

Captain Jonathon Allen

Testimonial Letters


For many centuries Phuket was an important stop for trading ships on the route between India and China. During the Sukothai Period, the time of the first Thai Kingdom, Phuket was associated with other cities in South Thailand famous for their vast tin reserves. During the following Ayuthaya Period of the 16th century the Thais governed the island’s northern and central regions while the southern and western parts were given over to the tin trade, a concession in the hands of foreigners.

phuket1Today Phuket is the country’s major tourist attraction. Measuring approximately 21 km in width by 48 km in length, the island is sparsely populated outside Phuket Town although this is changing due to tourist demands, now offering many 5-star resorts, fine dining and a vibrant nightlife.

The landscape is one of forested hills, coconut groves, rubber plantations and a coastline dotted with numerous spectacular beaches with surrounding waters containing varied marine life. The island and the surrounding 32 smaller islands form Phuket Province for a total area of 570 square kilometres. On the North Phuket is connected to the mainland by two bridges running side-by-side, the older Sarasin Bridge and the newer Thepkrasattri Bridge.

Day 1

phuket2Guests board at Yacht Haven Marina, a 10-15min drive from the airport (please note that the Yacht Haven is tidal).

From Yacht Haven to Ko Hong (16NM’s), offering kayaking, caves and very beautiful scenery. If guests wish they can take the tender (shallow water) and go to the sea gypsy village near ‘James Bond’ Island. We do not recommend guests stop at James Bond Island as it is highly visited by tourists. Anchor at Ko Hong overnight.

Day 2

Yacht departs Ko Hong and heads south for Ko Kai Nok (18NM’s) for beach time, snorkeling and swimming. Mid-morning the yacht departs Ko Kai Nok and heads to the East side of Ko Yao Yai and Ko Yao Noi (19NM’s) for a very nice sail through the Ko Pak Bia group of islands.

Again, large limestone islands are found here. It is less touristy and there are a couple of fantastic beaches in this area, with the best one at Ko Hong. There is another Ko Hong on this side and guests can go in the tender to the center of Ko Hong. Anchor overnight.

Day 3

phuket3Yacht departs Ko Hong early morning and heads southeast to Krabi (10NM’s).

Boat anchors at Raleigh beach. Guests spend the day here and can select to go rock climbing, swimming or just chill out under the limestone cliffs.

Evening dinner at the Dusit Ravadee Hotel.

Krabi Coastline (Photo – Boat Lagoon)

Day 4

phuket4Early morning depart for Phi Phi Ley (28NM’s). This Island was made famous when they filmed ‘The Beach’ a few years ago where you’ll find crystal clear water, huge limestone cliffs and some lovely beaches. There is a small bay on this island and it’s worth a visit by tender or kayak.

There is also a small cave which houses Chinese Viking paintings and is the place locals collect birds’ nests, used to make the famous ‘Chinese Birds Nest Soup’.

Late evening/overnight depart to Phuket – Surin Beach. (60NM’s)

Day 5

Spend the day at the world famous Amanpuri hotel, reported to be among the top ten of hotels around the world. Guests can relax with pampering, on the beach or do some of the many activities on the island like elephant riding, go-karting, monkey and snake shows and a visit to Phuket’s famed “Fantasea’ (stage show).

phuket5The Banyan Tree Spa is a 15 min drive away and has a reputation as one of the best spas in the world followed by dinner at the Amanpuri Hotel in the evening.

Anchor overnight – please note that there can be a large swell rolling onto this beach so anchoring and tender runs will be weather dependent.

Day 6

Surin Beach to Similan Islands (51Nm’s) – The Similan Islands lie northwest of Phuket in the Andaman Sea. In 1982 this 128 square kilometer area was declared a marine national park. In recent years this group of nine small islands (Similan is derived from the Malay sembilan and means nine) has become one of the leading attractions for visitors to Southern Thailand.

phuket6Spend the day diving and anchor here overnight. There is no fishing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and collecting of shells etc. allowed in this area and there are park wardens who do enforce the law.

Day 7

Similan Islands to Patong Beach – (65NM’s) Back to Patong Beach for transfer to airport.

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