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Welcome to Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is an area waiting to be discovered it’s a destination which is full of mystery and intrigue. Closed to foreigners for over 60years we assisted in taking the first private yacht into the stunning Mergui Archipelago and also helped to make it possible so that yachts can now also visit Yangon along with other amazing areas of this undiscovered country. The Mergui Archipelago is an area consisting of over 14,000 square miles and consists of over 800 islands most of them are uninhabited, some islands are now being developed and hotels are being built but on them but there is a plethora of untouched beaches and islands, it really is a cruising paradise where guests can find solitude, isolation and endless beaches which they can have all to themselves.

Contrary to general opinion Myanmar is a very safe place to visit and we have never had any incidents of piracy or general theft in the area. Along with the beaches and deep blue water, Scuba diving is also a popular activity for guests visiting on board a superyacht, the diving is in remote areas and guests can be fortunate to dive alone on some virgin reefs and see some incredible underwater marine life.

If guests have more time then a visit to Yangon is advisable ancient architecture, the Golden Pagoda and a city which time forgot is on show then why not fly to Upper Myanmar and visit areas like Bagan – where they have thousands of temple ruins and you can fly over them in a hot air balloon, Inle Lake – A freshwater lake which is covered by reeds and floating plants here guests can see unusual monasteries, experience life on the lake, see hand woven textiles and see Stupas galore, Mandalay – This was Myanmar’s last Royal Capital with lots of Palaces and Pagodas on show.


  • Weather: tropical warm all year round, high season is from November to the end of April
  • Currency: Myanmar Kyat
  • Religion: mainly Buddhism but some Muslims in the North

Why use Asia Pacific Superyachts – Myanmar

We have the best connections with the government all yachts need to apply and have a cruising permit before they can check into Myanmar and cruise in the country, a guide also has to be taken on board for the duration of the cruise in Myanmar Waters

Visiting Yachts

  • M/Y Annaeva
  • M/Y Aquamarina
  • M/Y Archimedes
  • M/Y B2
  • M/Y Lady Christine
  • M/Y Mayan Queen
  • M/Y Ocean Victory
  • M/Y Plan B
  • M/Y Samax
  • M/Y Tango
  • S/Y Bella Regazza
  • S/Y Eos
  • S/Y Hemisphere
  • S/Y M5
  • S/Y Mondango
  • S/Y Sarrisa
  • S/Y Tiara
  • S/Y Vertigo




List of services

other requests are welcomed and can usually be handled

  • Access to the Best Guides
  • Hassle free Cruising permit application
  • Customs, immigration and harbour formalities
  • Dancing girls and bands
  • Duty-Free Fuel
  • Duty-Free Parts
  • Provisioning


M.Y. Annaeva

“Gordon Fernandes and Toby Koehler were instrumental in taking care of Annaeva this past winter season. Their attention to detail, good advice and very professional attitude made even our most difficult and complicated plans come together flawlessly. All was expertly taken care – cruising permits, long distance transfers, private plane, visas for guests & crew and landing permission for our private jet. APS is well versed in all custom formalities of this region and made difficult task effortless. The provisioning and spares department had no problems in procurement and is first class.”

Captain Philip Burgess


“Our cruise started in Phuket, Thailand, where our friends at Asia Pacific Superyachts helped us to arrange the trip. Burma is not short of bureaucracy and paperwork and a permit for the yacht to enter has to be granted – the dealings of which do not appear possible on one’s own. We were captivated throughout by a huge variety of experiences and all aboard are already dreaming of another opportunity to continue exploring this intriguing country.”

Testimonial Letters


7-Day Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Guests board yacht in Patong Bay – Phuket – depending on arrival time yacht can then leave for Surin Islands.

myanmar2The Koh Surin Archipelago is a 135 sq. km. area lying in the Andaman Sea some 53 km off mainland Ranong Province. The park’s five islands lie just south of the border of Myanmar (Burma).

The two main islands, Koh Surin Nua and Koh Surin Tai, are separated by a narrow strait, only 200 meters wide, with almost no flat ground beyond small pockets of mangrove and little beaches which nestle in the many coves. The two islands cover 19 square km. respectively 12 sq. km. with the highest point on the latter one elevating to 350 metres. The other islands in the group are only rocky islets, sparsely covered with scrub vegetation.

Overnight to Kaw Thoung (border town in Myanmar)

Day 2

Morning check into Myanmar (Burma) via Kaw Thoung. Local guide boards and immigration, customs and harbour formalities are completed. After formalities complete, a visit to Island 115 which has great beach for guests to snorkeling and swim.

myanmar3Kaw Thoung
(Victoria Point)

This being Myanmar’s southernmost township and trading port, Kaw Thoung is important in that it is the gateway to the Archipelago.

There is constant construction in this town due to ever-increasing border trade between Myanmar and Thailand.
The population of Kaw Thoung is estimated at 55,000. Very few of these people were actually born here; most have ether drifted there in hopes of finding riches or for an opportunity to improve their life in this prosperous area.

Only about 10% originate from Kaw Thoung.

Day 3

myanmar5Island 115 to Great Swinton Island – explore this fabulous island where beaches will be empty. sand will be golden and water will be clear – ‘heaven on earth’.

Great Swinton Islands
There are numerous beautiful beaches along the shores of great Swinton (Kyun Pila).

One that stands out is the beach on the south side on the very western tip of the island.

Day 4 – Great Swinton to Lampi island

Explore the mangrove rivers, beaches and go swimming. Visit the sea gypsy village at the southern end of Lampi.

Lampi Island

myanmar6Lampi is the largest Island in the Archipelago. North to south the island is 20 nautical miles long and from east to west at its largest extremity, 10 nautical miles wide. To put things in to perspective, Lampi Island alone is roughly the same size as Singapore -with a population of four million whereas Lampi is uninhabited. This is all the more incredible when you consider that Singapore is less than 1000 kilometers away.

Day 5 – Lampi Island – Salet Galet

The channel of water separating the islands of Lampi and Wa-Ale Kyun is about 150 meters wide and about two miles long. Either side of the channel is banked with steep sloping rainforest and by fringing coral reef below.

It is a much protected piece of water and an area of outstanding beauty. This is a good place to spot monkeys, wild pigs, hornbills, sea eagles etc.

Day 6 – Lampi to Pu Nala

myanmar8Visit the ‘Moken’ Sea Gypsy village which is on the northern end of Pu Nala. The main attraction of Palau Nala is undoubtedly the Moken village on the northern shore of the island. The Burmese name for the village is Marghon Galet. This translated means ‘a channel visited by a foreigner’. The village has been here for years.

The Moken are traditionally a nomadic sea-fairing race that does not belong to any one country. They travel without passports, crossing international boundaries without care and probably without the knowledge that they are even doing so. Whole families live as a unit on a single boat. The Moken boats, which are the sphere of their universe, are passed on from generation to generation.

They are of a wooden build with an average length not exceeding 15 meters. A wooden cabin starts just forward of amidships, running aft to the stern and has a roof of thatched palm leafs or bamboo slats. Mechanization has given them a Yanmar single cylinder diesel outboard engine. This is known locally as a ‘Long Tail’, as the propeller shaft is long and can exceed 3 meters, giving the impression that the boat does indeed have a tail!

Day 7

Back to Kawthong for check out of Myanmar. Guests will depart here and cross the river to Ranong.

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