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Welcome to Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia has the largest archipelago in the world with more than 17,500 beautiful islands to visit. Cruising between the Indonesian islands you will be amazed of the diversity, the culture and the personality of each and every island. There is a reason why Indonesia’s national motto is “Unity in Diversity”

M/Y Ocean Victory

Indonesia has a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Aside of species of fauna familiar to both Asia and Australia, there are species indigenous to Indonesia. The orangutan apes of Sumatra and Kalimantan, the giant komodo lizards roaming free on the island of Komodo, the one-horned rhinoceros of Java, the wild banteng (oxen), tigers and many other species which are now protected in wildlife reserves.

In the past, Indonesia saw the reign of hundreds of ancient kingdoms all over the archipelago. This gave birth to various traditional customs, arts, and culture, as well as historical sites and relics. For instance, by the Seventh Century, the powerful Buddhist Kingdom of Sriwijaya was expanding and it was during that period the spectacular Borobudur sanctuary was built in Central Java.

The Thirteenth Century witnessed the rise of Hinduist Majapahit Empire in East Java, which united the whole of what is now modern day Indonesia and parts of the Malay Peninsula. The great empire fell after two centuries, leaving Indonesia back to separate, small kingdoms, which were easy prey for European invasions. But united for all these kingdoms were, that they to this date, are left with their own proud culture and religion.

As your Asia Pacific Superyachts’ agent in Indonesia we will provide not only all the paperwork and cruising permits, fresh provisions, quality clean fuel and spares but we can also provide local guides and either on board or shadow security to make your Indonesian cruise a spectacular, hassle-free experience for both guests and crew. No demand is too difficult for us. We can arrange everything from world-class golf, to private helicopter charters to game fishing all within the reach of one simple phone call.

Visiting Yachts

  • M/Y A
  • M/Y Amevi
  • M/Y Anya
  • M/Y Archimedes
  • M/Y B2
  • M/Y Belle Aimee
  • M/Y Big Blue
  • M/Y Blue Sky
  • M/Y Double Haven
  • M/Y Elysium
  • M/Y Exuma
  • M/Y Formosa
  • M/Y Idle Hands
  • M/Y Immortalis
  • M/Y Keri Lee
  • M/Y La Familia
  • M/Y Lady Candy
  • M/Y Lady Christine
  • M/Y Maid Marian
  • M/Y Masquenada
  • M/Y Newcastle Explorer
  • M/Y Ocean Victory
  • M/Y Octopus
  • M/Y Party Girl
  • M/Y Pelorus
  • M/Y Perfect Persuasion
  • M/Y Plan B
  • M/Y Platinum
  • M/Y Plvs Vtra
  • M/Y Senses
  • M/Y Smiley Auroura
  • M/Y Tele Vista
  • M/Y Triple 7
  • M/Y Tyee
  • M/Y Ukiyo
  • M/Y Ultra Vires
  • M/Y Ulysses
  • M/Y Zeepard
  • MY Mayan Queen
  • S/Y Adventure
  • S/Y Beagle
  • S/Y Cassiopeia
  • S/Y Cavallo
  • S/Y Che
  • S/Y Drumbeat
  • S/Y Eos
  • S/Y Escapade
  • S/Y Eve
  • S/Y Ghost
  • S/Y Halekai
  • S/Y Into the Wind
  • S/Y Kealoha
  • S/Y Komkomo
  • S/Y Manu
  • S/Y Meridian Fleet
  • S/Y Naos
  • S/Y Shenandoah of Ark
  • S/Y Skade
  • S/Y Tawera
  • S/Y Titania of Cowes
  • S/Y Vertigo
  • S/Y Yaneke Too




Our Services To The Captains

  • Cruise planning in our region
  • Clearance in our region
  • Visa and bond arrangements
  • Dockage and pilot arrangements
  • Helicopter authorization
  • Charter license
  • GSM cards and SAT TV decoder rentals
  • Charts
  • Parcel or express mail clearance and export
  • Shipyard coordination
  • Accounting and banking facilities
  • Charter APA and tax management

Our Services To The Engineers

  • Duty free fuel
  • Jet fuel and gasoline
  • Lube oil supply and used oil / Sludge removal
  • Engine parts and supplies
  • Repairs and maintenance jobs
  • Metal fabrication

Our Services To The Deck Officers

  • Deck parts and supplies with discounts
  • Day workers
  • Repairs and maintenance jobs
  • Security and ISPS arrangements
  • Warehousing

Our Services To The Galley

  • Fresh provisions
  • Beverages and wine supplies
  • Galley parts and supplies
  • Wine tasting

Our Services To The Interior Department

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Flower arrangements
  • Interior cleaning supplies
  • Appliance repairs and maintenance
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Beauty & grooming products

Our Services To The Owners And Charter Guests

  • Car rental at preferred rates
  • Airport meet& greet and transport
  • Charter planes and helicopters
  • Concierge services
  • Cruise planning and itineraries
  • Dive guides
  • Guided tours and excursions
  • Hotel bookings at preferred rates
  • Massage, spa and beauty care
  • Traditional dance shows in various islands
  • Yacht and fishing boat charter

Our Services To The Crew

  • Banking assistance
  • Medical care
  • Preferred rates on many hotels
  • Car hire and tours
  • Travel arrangements


M.Y Archimedes

In Indonesia, we naturally went with Richard and Jimmy at Asia Pacific Superyachts out of Bali. They also took wonderful care of us and had their hands full with our busy and demanding guests, not to mention looking after our crew. Some difficult medical situations arose and challenging shipping problems. Everything from start to finish was handled without stress and with perfect communication. As a result, a fantastic time was had by all.

Captain Chris Walsh

M.Y. Helix

“I would like to thank Richard Lofthouse personally for taking care of our immigration, customs, cruising permits, dockage, bunkering and all our provisioning needs whilst visiting Jakarta, Bali and the numerous other Indonesian Islands that we visited during our two month stay. Richard was also a great help in preparing cruise itineraries for us in preparation for charter and supply his local knowledge in many other domains; even flying ahead to remote islands to ensure a seamless operation whilst charter guests were aboard.

Captain Philip Burgess

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