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The Andaman Islands eases visa and international yacht travel

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The Andaman & Nicobar Islands, with their pristine clear waters and sandy beaches, make an ideal destination for national and international yachts. However, Covid-19 halted yacht visits to the islands, suffering to a great extent in the past 1 & ½ years. Now the situation is changing and with the situation slowly coming under control, […]

Indonesia opens to foreign-flagged yachts

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There’s breaking news for yachts waiting to enter Indonesia, reports Thomas Taatjes of Asia Pacific Superyachts, stating: “Now foreign visitors can Quarantine in a hotel for five days. The international arrival points are Jakarta, Bali and Manado by air; and for those arriving by sea, the arrival may be at any international port”. The Government […]

Thailand Lifts Travel Restrictions for Yachts

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New regulations for flying into Phuket will make it easier for crew changes and the eventual reopening of Thailand scheduled to take place on 1st November. “The Thai government’s aim is to allow all vaccinated crew/guests to fly into Thailand without the need for Quarantine. Yacht check-in is also scheduled to get easier”, reports Gordon […]