Phuket Yacht Charter: New Package for foreign flagged Superyachts

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Some great news for an increasingly popular Phuket yacht charter as the ‘new package’ for foreign-flagged superyachts is expected to be released by November 2015. This was confirmed by the Tourism and Sports Minister, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, in an exclusive interview for the Phuket Gazette newspaper, which took place last month.

The “new package” for superyachts will include changes in law for visas, as well as tax exemptions, all timed to line up with the Phuket International Yacht Show, organized by the Ministry of Transport, as stated by Ms Kobkarn. The Show is expected to host between 20 and 30 superyachts.

“The visa for the crew will match the permit for the yacht, which should allow the boat and crew to work effectively during their stay in Thailand,” Ms Kobkarn told the Phuket Gazette in an exclusive interview. “It is the intention of Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha to make Thailand a world-class hub for yachts and cruise boats in Southeast Asia. We think Phuket is ready and will make it the first location for an international superyacht show.”

According to industry experts, once super yacht charter activity increases in Southeast Asia, regional ownership will ensure the arrival of new yachts, reaching Phuket as a home port.