Superyachting is all about the toys!

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“In twenty years of servicing the largest superyachts traveling the world, when calling in to Tahiti I’ve seen many superyacht ‘toys’. I have also seen how they can create amazing bases for fun and thrilling experiences for the owners and guests”, reports Etienne Boutin, heading up Asia Pacific Superyachts Tahiti.

“The first and foremost toy on board is the tender. Large yachts all have a fast and comfortable tender that can carry guests ashore but also for fishing and diving, or to tow them with all types of skis, boards and buoys”, Etienne explains.

Some “toys” are quite special, like the Iveco/Castoldi amphibious car carried on EXUMA, or RISING SUN’s catamaran tender with a “beachable ramp” allowing the unloading of 4×4 vehicles in the most remote atolls of the Tuamotu.

Superyachting is all about the Toys

Joining the many amazing toys on the extensive Superyacht list in the future, is the Martin jet pack. This ‘toy’ uses fans to fly at more than 3,000 feet and could be on sale next year (more than three decades after the idea was first mooted). Developed by New Zealand company Martin jet pack, the petrol-fueled jet pack’s latest prototype – called the P12 – was showcased at the Paris Airshow this year and commercial production is set to follow in the near future, according to its makers.

Explaining the nature and use of various superyacht “toys”, Etienne reports, “The ability to explore ashore with on board vehicles has become paramount to some yacht owners tired of lying sluggishly on the sundeck. I once was requested to buy a set of cross motorbikes as a Christmas present for the entire family of an owner family, so they could go wild on local dirt roads.”

“Flying things are also a must, with helicopters a favorite, but some yacht owners choose to carry hydroplanes instead. There are however no international standards for ultralight planes and this can lead to flying authorization being hard or impossible to obtain for some models”, Boutin continues.

Superyachting is all about the Toys

“If not up in the air, then down to the abysses! The exploration of undersea limits is definitely the new fashion on superyachts with a profusion of new dive gears like rebreathers, underwater scooters, submarines or ROV’s coming to the market. This trend is likely to see new toys released in the near future that will go further and faster. They will hopefully entice more owners to become active in the support of scientific research such as the Golden Shadow which stopped several months in French Polynesia on her Global Reef Expedition around the world.””

The longtime Tahiti resident finds “toys” an interesting part of the Superyacht lifestyle, commenting: “With all these amazing new toys on board, let’s not forget to build memories and share on the social networks. Thus, the ultimate toy might be one of these 360° video drones that will make your fun at sea an unforgettable experience to be celebrated for many years.”