New Maldives Marina to Service 300 Yachts

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New Hulhumalé Yacht Marina in Maldives to service 300 yachts
New Hulhumalé Yacht Marina in Maldives to service 300 yachts

Recent developments from the Maldives of the new Hulhumalé Yacht Marina has been reported by the director of Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives, Mohamed Hameed. The agency works closely with arriving superyachts and is closely monitoring the progress of the new Maldives marina.

Mohamed reports land reclamation has begun for the Hulhumalé Yacht Marina and Cruise Liner area under phase 2 of the Hulhumalé development project, as recently announced by the Housing Development Cooperation (HDC).

Mohamed enthuses this is good news for visiting Superyachts and yachts as the Hulhumalé Yacht Marina plan is to service 300 yachts. The Yacht Marina is a splendid coastal island proposed to be developed in the western side of Hulhumalé Island and will cater to the needs of yachts and safaris.

According to the HDC, apart from water sports facilities, the marina will have amenities such as retail shops, F&B outlets, and a yacht club that includes exhibition space, dry berth facilities, and boating dock.

There will also be a modern fully equipped cruise terminal located right next to the marina with an automatic, covered boarding bridge to facilitate cruise lines visiting Maldives.

The HDC said that all necessary materials have been gathered for the land reclamation, and revetment work is expected to be completed within the next three months.

The Hulhumalé Yacht Marina is planned to service 300 yachts while the cruise liner is expected serve the biggest cruise liners in the world.

HDC also said that the completion of this project is expected to be on schedule. The Cooperation further stated that the land reclamation of 240 hectares was completed by March 2015, and the remaining work is expected to be completed within 8 months. While 240 hectares of land has been reclaimed under phase 2, 180 hectares of land were reclaimed in phase 1 of the Hulhumalé development project. The first phase of Hulhumalé development project was aimed to house 60,000 people in 1997.

In other news, the Amari Havodda Maldives welcomed its first guests January 15, 2016. The resort located on the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll can be reached by a 55-minute plane journey from Male International Airport, followed by a 10-minute speedboat ride. A gorgeous new addition to the island resort scene guests can choose either beach or overwater villas, including pool villa options and can also choose to take part in island-hopping, snorkeling, sailing or night fishing excursions.