Dr. Andy Lewis is Guest Speaker at Asia-Pacific Superyacht Conference opening the Singapore Yacht Show

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Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia is excited to announce their premier guide and consultant scientist, Dr Andy Lewis, will be representing Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) Indonesia at the upcoming Singapore Yacht Show.

Dr Andy is a guest speaker at the Asia-Pacific Superyacht Conference which opens the show. As CEO of the Coral Sea Foundation (CSF) he will be discussing the current status of the reefs of the Coral Triangle and the Superyacht cruising opportunities through the region, as well as the opportunities for participation in the sustainable reef management programs run by the Foundation.

Dr Andy also plays a valuable role in our APS Indonesia yacht guiding team. Many of our yacht owners who are keen divers request him specifically on their cruises. His extensive knowledge of coral reef ecology and clear interpretive style adds significant educational value to their diving activities and greatly enhances their overall cruise experience.

APS Indonesia has environmental protection and sustainable marine operations as part of its core values, and Captain Jimmy Blee, heading up APS Indonesia, says: “Our superyacht services company appreciates Dr Andy’s involvement with our team as he improves our understanding of coral reef protection in all our operational areas while also providing a world-class guiding service to our client vessels”.

Capt Jimmy commented, “All attending the Superyacht Conference at the Singapore Yacht Show this year should not miss Dr Andy’s presentation to the forum. Not only will he provide important up to date information, he is also a compelling and engaging speaker”.

“Often when the two of us are just sitting together over coffee I drive him crazy with my questions, though I continue as his depth of knowledge into coral reef ecosystems is fascinating”, added Capt Jimmy.

The interview below with Dr Andy is released as a lead-up to his Singapore presentation.