Andaman and Nicobar Islands Defeat COVID-19

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Record Recovery of all 11 Patients

“Andaman and Nicobar Islands was declared COVID-19 free on Thursday after Chief Secretary Chetan Sanghi announced that 11 out of 11 positive cases in the archipelago recovered from the disease”, shared R. Rathnam of Asia Pacific Superyachts Andaman Islands.

In the article published April 16 in The Logical Indian, further explained, “However, he (Chetan Sanghi) said, precautions will be taken as per the guidelines issued by the government.”

On his official Twitter handle, Sanghi wrote, “11 out of 11 positive cases recovered while #AndamanFightsCOVID19. However, the watch, caution and arrangements will continue as per GoI guidelines.”

Andaman and Nicobar has become the first Union Territory in India to record the recovery of all its COVID-19 positive patients.

In a huge success, 11 out of 11 COVID-19 positive cases in Andaman and Nicobar Islands have now recovered. However, vigilance and security measures are will continue to be in place as per the guidelines issued by the Central government.

After Rathnam shared the announcement on social media, several Captains inquired as to when a return for yachts might be expected. The APS Andaman Islands owner-agent responded, “The Monsoon is approaching soon. We expect we will be ready in all aspects to welcome yachts in the next season”. He confirmed this would be from December, depending on the Covid-19 situation. Good news indeed for superyachts!

The specific history account explains on April 15 ten people from the Islands, who tested positive for the COVID-19 after they attended the Tablighi Jamaat congregation in New Delhi last month, had recovered. The patients had come from Delhi to Port Blair via Kolkata on March 24 on different flights. After they landed at the Port Blair airport, they were admitted to hospital as they exhibited coronavirus symptoms.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands had a total of 11 coronavirus cases and recorded no deaths. The UT administration has been ‘pool testing’ the samples of suspected COVID-19 patients to minimize the number of test kits used due to acute shortage of kits across the country. This makes them the first union territory is the first to do so in the country.

The process includes testing multiple swab samples in a single test. If the combined sample tests positive for the virus, the samples are then tested individually to find out who has the infection. This process reduces the number of test kits used, compared to the testing of individual samples.