Tests dropped for arriving yachts into Maldives

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“A PCR test negative result is no longer required as long as visitors to the Maldives, including international tourists and those on yachts, have taken two (2) doses of approved vaccines and 14 days before”, reports Mohamed Hameed of Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives. The following official announcement has been published by the Government of Maldives Health Protection Agency (HPA) and revises Maldives PCR test requirement effective 05th March 2022:

  • a) Passengers entering to Maldives are NO LONGER required to present a PCR negative test result upon arrival if the individual(s) have completed the prescribed dose(s) of a Covid-19 vaccine that is being approved by the Maldives Food & Drug Authority or by the World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Use Listing (EUL) and at least 14 (fourteen) days have passed since. Booster dose(s) are not required to be eligible for this exemption).
  • b) Tourists who spend their holiday in tourist facilities in inhabited islands are NO LONGER required to do a PCR test when departing from respective inhabited islands.

“The Maldives is also a convenient stop-over for yachts bound for either the Red Sea or en route via the Cape of Good Hope. Other good news is that since April 2020 fees to enter the Maldives were substantially reduced, making this a viable stopover for all yachts crossing the Indian Ocean”.

Upon arriving at any of the many gorgeous anchorages, travellers can soon enjoy the island’s white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for both a relaxing and adventure-filled visit, a journey that follows the culture and history of this unique republic. Throughout 2022 the Maldives will be celebrating 50 years of tourism since this spellbinding island-nation began attracting visitors. It’s hard to believe that this iconic destination began life as a one-resort destination.

The Maldives now has nearly 200 resorts across 26 natural atolls, around 10 of which opened in 2021. A further 12 are scheduled to open in 2022, giving a stunning array of choice for international yachting visitors, couples to families and from luxury-seekers to adventurers. And as a region, the Maldives is also seeing a new drive for sustainability – a change reflected in some of the eco-friendly activities being offered by many of its resorts.