Cruising Paradise in the Gulf of Thailand

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Once the Gulf of Thailand’s Koh Samui and nearby islands, Angthong Marine Park and diving mecca Koh Tao have been explored, yachts & superyachts are cruising on to the modern Ocean Marina Jomtien in Pattaya.

The largest international-standard marina in all of South East Asia, established in 1989, provides safe anchorage for yachts up to 75m and currently consists of 12 marina arms and one grand pier, with a total of 450 berths. This is the main port-of-call for yacht and superyacht owners, visitors and crew to further explore the Gulf of Thailand and enjoy a number of beautiful, largely undeveloped islands just a short boat ride away from the marina.

Koh Khram

A large island that boasts an abundance of stunning, peaceful coves in various shapes and sizes. While direct beach access may not be permitted, the island’s diverse range of coves, beaches, and inlets make a cruise around it truly enchanting. In the North of the island the bays have a gradual run off to the water with white sand and patches of fringing reef, and in the South you’ll see impressive limestone cliffs as the land drops off sharply into the water.

Koh Kram Noi

An uninhabited island just north of Koh Kram. With its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush greenery, Koh Khram Noi is a true gem waiting to be explored.

Koh Larn

The most frequented island destination in Pattaya, the tourist island has two villages, Ban Koh Larn and Ban Krok Makhan along with several beach clubs and resorts.

Koh Man Wichai

A secluded paradise – and an amazing dive location! This small island boasts three gorgeous sandy coves to discover, two on the east side and a larger one on the west.

Koh Phai

Experience paradise on the stunning island of Koh Phai, located just 15NM from Ocean Marina Jomtien. This gem boasts pristine white sand beaches that are meticulously cared for by Navy personnel. North and South have nice smaller areas to anchor, the East has a large area to anchor.

Koh Rin

An incredibly stunning island, 10NM West of Ocean Marina Jomtien. Exclusive island to explore, the one and only beach is around 1km long. The bay in the South East is best.

Koh Sak

Aprox. 10NM from Ocean Marina Jomtien, but only 5NM from Pattaya makes this island a good option if you want to pick up your guests from Pattaya jetty. With relatively steep terrain, you can generally find calm water in the South or North of the island, although fringing coral will mean you have only select spots to anchor and access the beach from the North or South.

Ocean Marina Jomtien on Thailand’s eastern Gulf Coast has been awarded “Best Marina Berth Facilities in Thailand” at the prestigious Robb Report ‘Thailand Best of the Best Yachting Awards’ during the January 2024 Thailand Yacht Show.